Rideout Realty is celebrating three successful years serving the St John’s real estate industry with over thirteen million in sales.

An independent, locally-owned and operated brokerage with a growing sales team, Holly Rideout is Broker/Owner and has been working in the real estate industry for 10 years, going it alone in 2011 and three years later still operating - it’s a testament to the kind of service you can expect.

Sales Associate John Hoyt has been with the company for over a year and brings to the team a wealth of knowledge in marketing and sales. Recently Lisa Carroll has been added to the team. Lisa is well versed in the local marketplace and brings experience in multi units, commercial and residential properties.

Rideout Realty expanded into central Newfoundland with the addition of Deanna Boyde in Lewisporte - Twillingate area. Deanna has several years’ experience and a background in sales. Deanna is hardworking and comes from a family of entrepreneurs – outgoing and friendly, a real people person.

Rideout Realty is a local company headed in the right direction.

What makes this real estate company different is the abilityto be inventive and creative when promoting your listing in the marketplace.

“We take the time to do a proper market analysis of your home and price it right the first time,” says Holly Rideout. “Our team will also do consulting work on ways to stage your property, to enhance it so that yours will stand out from the rest.

“In this “buyers’ market” there are many choices so planning and choosing the right Realtor will give you the “edge” over other properties,” Holly adds. Through Rideout Realty Holly has created a niche, a boutique style agency opened three years ago focused on residential real estate. At the time it was a “leap of faith” but it has turned out to be very rewarding.

“I had no plan at the time, just entrepreneurial spirit,” says Holly. “Realtors are by nature entrepreneurs; there is no job description, you go it alone every day; you do the
best job you can, work hard and hope that it pays off !

“It’s like being interviewed on a daily basis - you have to earn people’s trust, something I learned quickly. People like to deal with real people, not large corporations. “Would it be easier to be part of a large company? Yes, it would.” But, she adds, “I wanted to be different, to take risk and do things differently.

“Rideout Realty does not have the overheads and carrying costs of large companies, therefore we can be more competitive with our rates. But that does not mean we change our level or service, we are all about the client coming first!

“Why the name Rideout Realty? I am proud of my heritage- the Rideout name has been around for a long time in Newfoundland and Labrador - its motto ‘Always a
Knight’ is a symbol of bravery. I know my father was the bravest person I know, he made his living on the ocean and was fearless. He instilled this in me .”

Rideout Realty’s philosophy is think outside the box - when one thing is not working try something else. Everything sells , but you may need to regroup and change the

“There’s an old saying that ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. This is certainly true of real estate,” Rideout points out. “Changing times have impacted the way real estate professionals service their customers. However the constant is outstanding customer service and that never goes out of style.

“The best way that a real estate professional can deliver true value to a customer is by giving them what they want. At Rideout Realty we deliver true customer service
by focusing on the client’s needs and wants, and knowing the difference, being able to direct clients to the best purchase.

“We work with our clients on a regular basis helping them make strategic decisions. A realtor can assist with all aspects of the transaction, including the following: (1) financing (2) arranging property viewings (3) Market evaluations (4) Handling negotiations (5) Home inspections (6) Choosing a Lawyer (7) Moving services and after sale advice.”

Holly Rideout has won awards and throughout the years has served in various capacities on different committees and boards of directors. She says she would like to grow the company and take it to the next level by working on a development, “something where I can put my own hard work in and be proud of ... after all, it’s about learning to grow and become the most skilled person you can be!”

“Holly went above and beyond helping me sell my home. She was always quick to respond. Holly was good to deal with when issues arose; her expert advice and experience were invaluable.”

~Wanda Kirby, St. John’s NL.

“ I went through many sites on-line when looking for an agent- most were part of large corporations – I was looking for an agency with a person I could talk to and trust.”
Ronald de Neef, chairman High point media group, London, UK