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Your Future is my Business

Working for the past 17 years as a Realtor / Broker within Newfoundland and Labrador, Holly Rideout started “Rideout Realty” which just celebrated 12 successful years in business and 25 million in sales . Holly specializes in the St. Johns marketplace offering her clients a wealth of knowledge , if you are an investor or a first time home buyer, you can be sure Holly will assist you with all aspects of the transaction! RIDEOUT REALTY can help you with all your buying needs and services ST JOHNS- CORNER BROOK ! 
Our business is based solely on R and R, Repeat and Referral! ; a lot of our work comes from referrals and that is the “highest “compliment that can be paid to a Realtor. The reason Holly gets referrals is because she does not mind going that extra mile for the client. You do the research, give the client choices and you direct them to the “best” purchase for them. That means the best buy for the client, not the best sale for the realtor!
Holly states the most important factor in real estate to be successful, you cannot do it by yourself, and you need a team of key players around you. Holly has taken the time to build this network / team that includes mortgage brokers to address financial needs and prequalify clients, home inspectors who have the latest in technology, contractors to call upon when needed, Lawyers to handle the legalities of any transaction, so whatever the clients needs are it is only a matter of calling one of these contacts and the clients needs are met. That’s what it is about putting the clients needs first, being a full service, full time agent.

For me getting into real estate was a leap of faith, says Holly, after many years working within the travel industry, she was faced with the choice do what you always did or change and try something different. Holly states that there is no mystery to being successful in real estate, it takes a lot of hard work, days and nights in front of the computer, working 24/ 7. This business is face to face , one on one , and people have to trust and like you to invite you into there homes. Its personal and a lot of times your customers become your friends.

I have learned that if I am honest with the client – if I take the time to understand their needs and what they realistically can get then it’s going to be a win win for the client and for me. That’s the kind of forthright approach to business that is earning holly a reputation in the real estate marketplace here.

The company’s slogan is “Your future is our business”. Considering that the average Canadian will buy one or two homes in a lifetime, choosing the right Realtor can make a big difference in your life !  

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